Foerderverein Corbusierhaus Berlin e.V.

Corbusierhaus - Luftaufnahme


The Unit d'Habitation (Typ Berlin)
is one of the five high-rise buildings built by the architect le Corbusier. The building was planned for the international exposition
of modern living "Interbau 1957" in Hansaviertel, a part of the district of Berlin-Tiergarten, however due to the height of 17 floors
it had been placed near Olympic Stadion in the district of Charlottenburg in the years 1957- 1958.
The building contains 530 apartments withhin reachable by 10 corridors, called interior streets which ran the length of the building
from one end to the other.
The house, built on pylons, is 53 meters high, 141 meters long and 23 meters wide.
Remarkable are the widely visible horicontal bands of loggias with their coloured facade elements.
Since 1995 the building is under monumental protection.